GTK-Pascal (including Gtk2!)

Hi everyone!

I've been on this list for a few years now.  Thought I
would send out a message about something I have found

Background, my main reason for using GTK-Perl was
portability and speed.  Recently, I have started using
Gtk-Pascal for applications I need to support on a
wider variety of systems.  Because, not only is very
reliable Linux support available, the applications are
also reliable on Win32.  Found out today Gtk2 is also

I've managed to get Freepascal GTK applications to run
on an autorun.ini CD with the GTK libraries on the CD
for win32, no installation!  So, I can write demo cd's
now in a language I like :)

The Gtk 1.3 units are included with the freepascal
distribution, at  I found
alpha level Gtk 2 units at .  To
see my projects (Gtk Perl, Gtk Pascal, and other...)
please check out .

Anyone else have any experience with this?


PS, I'm job hunting.

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