title-button of a CList

Hi there ,

i have a rather simple and basic misunderstanding concerning the button-title in a CList .

In the very nice tutorial ( thanks again if the contributors read this ) , it is not mentionned how you 
access to button aspect of a CList title . 

It says it can be a button , or just a label , it says as well it can hold a widget , and this is all very 
clear . But it does not say how you access to the button title , for instance , to connect a signal and a 
callback routine to it .
Do you have to create yourself a button and add() it to the title , but then , the button must have a label 
(which?), do you show() the button ( if you do it , will it hide the title ? ) ? 

Well , i think you caught my point : what's the usage ?

Thanks in advance .


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