FileSelection package

I'm a newbie too with gtk ;)
That's why a subscribe to the list, but for a long time :)

I have to build a little big programm, not a simple script, so i would create more globals class/objects. I 
start to make a class, to manage file's open/close via FileSelection:

package FileOp;

use strict;

sub new
        my ($self,@args) = @_ ;
        my $data;
        $data->{file} = "";
        return bless $data,$self;

sub set_file
        my ($self,$f) = @_ ;
        print "Set file $f \n";

sub get_file
        my ($self) = @_ ;
        return $self->{file};

# action for open button
sub open_file
        my ($self,$file) = @_ ;
        # Create a new file selection widget
        my $file_dialog = new Gtk::FileSelection( "Ouvrir un fichier XML" );
        my $filename;
        #$file_dialog->signal_connect( "destroy", sub { $file_dialog->destroy( ); } );

        # Connect the ok_button to file_ok_sel function
        $file_dialog->ok_button->signal_connect( "clicked", 
                                                                                        }, $self );

        # Connect the cancel_button to destroy the widget
        $file_dialog->cancel_button->signal_connect( "clicked", 
                                                                                                } );

        # Lets set the filename, as if this were a save dialog, and we are giving
        # a default filename
        $file_dialog->set_filename( $file );



It works fine, but you know that i have a problem ! When i call this class, like it:
#create object
my $fileop=new XMLProject::FileOp();
#open fileselection
# get file
my $filename=$fileop->get_file();
# print output
print "Get $filename\n";

It prints:
$ Get
$ Set file /home/greg/toto.xml

"It's normal" we can say.
It print "Set file..." after i press the "valid" button, so my question is how to determine when a 
window/file selection is destroy, or how to wait for it to return a value.

Thanks for your help.

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