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It seems the DrawingArea does not get the mouse
motion events by default so the first step is:

$draw->set_events(['pointer-motion-mask', 'pointer-motion-hint-mask']);

Then seup up the callback for these pointer

$draw->signal_connect('motion_notify_event' => \&draw_motion_cb);

In the callback the event data has the cursor
position, etc.

In order for this to work for me I had to put
$widget->get_pointer() in the callback or the
mouse events would be few and far between.  I
am not sure why or what this does exactly ...

Hope this helps,
-Carl Edwards

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I don't know how to get the coordinates of the mouse point on the DrawingArea. 
I have galde, glade-perl, gtk-perl on the Slackware 7.0. Please tell what can i 
read in this case or how to get the tutorial for DrawingArea.

 Thank you very much.
           Nguyen Tran Quoc Vinh

 Design Automation

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