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I started to think about this project when I tried to use glade2perl. Maybe glade could be a first step for 
the IDE, but glade2perl is not exactly object oriented. For example, when you generate the source code, it 
create a file with the soubroutines for the signals, you do not have the file with the definition for each 
window (and worse, it overwrites the file even if you've already defined some routines).
Explaining better: glade2perl generates a perl code from the XML file, I'm not talking about generating code, 
the code will be there and will be used the way it is, the only thing is going to happen is some subclasses 
of the classes that defines the components. The idea is to improve the perl Gtk library with the capability 
of read a definition in the top-level component and create all the second-level components inside it, then 
the third-level and so on...
My idea is to create something like this...
my $app = new Oak::Gtk::Application;
And MyWindow1 will be a descendant of Oak::Gtk::Window with its definition saved in a XML file... so the 
Oak::Gtk::Application will call MyWindow1 that will load automatically the definition, and won't be necessary 
to write (or even generate) the code for the window and its components creation...

When I talked about a well-defined object oriented structure, I was talking about a structure that involve 
more then GUI, a structure that involve all the areas of the development, implementing the same API for  the 
entire development, that's what Oak will do. 

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On 22 Sep 2001, Daniel Ruoso wrote:

The great problem of using the existing
solution (and this is
the meaning of perl oak) is that today there
isn't a well 
defined object oriented structure that
involves in a general 
way all the areas of the development (that's
where delphi's vcl 
win) and that where perl oak started.

Have you too a look on glade, and Glade-Perl?
With Glade you can 
create a User Interface in a similar way to
Delphi. This is stored
in a XML file and can be loaded at runtime.
Maybe this is a good

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