Interface with Component Tree


I'm the project manager of Perl Oak Component Tree, a project hosted by sourceforge 
( This project intends to create a component tree similar to Borland 
Delphi's VCL.

At this moment the project is still starting, but I've already released the first version of the Perl Oak. My 
first step is to create the interface with some GUI module, the first that came to my head was Gtk. I've read 
some documentation of Perl Gtk and saw that it's exactly what I was thinking about.

The diference I will implement is the storage of the widgets properties into a XML file, and use it during 
run-time. The final goal is create an IDE similar to delphi, that handle the definition file.

The great problem of using the existing solution (and this is the meaning of perl oak) is that today there 
isn't a well defined object oriented structure that involves in a general way all the areas of the 
development (that's where delphi's vcl win) and that where perl oak started.

My idea is to insert the Perl Gtk Architecture into the Perl Oak structure, and I would like to know if 
someone could help me to create this interface. And obviously, if there is any suggestions or comments please 
do not hesitate to contact me, or just reply this email.

P.S.: Please read the documentation at to understand better what I am talking 

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