Re: Re: Interface with Component Tree

You may want to try it on lesser-perl's, I've gotten it to run by removing use of 'our' or something like 
that (not too difficult).

I agree completely. Since my project is _way_ on the back burner, I may move my code browser over to Oak 
someday instead of trying to maintain an Oak-like object heiarchy when you are doing it for me. I implore 
you, however, to think about some of the ideas that such a code browser admit to the system. One of my 
favorites would making it aware of Inline so that methods could be written in other languages. But you are 
allready leaning in this direction anyway with the veryvery wise GUI.

A very natural add-on for this system would be a GUI builder with built-in editor (which I wish GLADE would 
be). Along the lines of the seemingly defunct Perl Composer ( It may 
well be that you allready had this in mind though. So I won't go on blabbing any longer.

I suppose I'll take some other ideas off-list so I don't bore others here.


On Wed, 10 Oct 2001, Daniel Ruoso wrote:


I  had take a look in your code, since i can't run it, because i don't have perl5.6 here...

I don't know if you readed the little homepage that my project have on sourceforge (it's new), if not, please 
do it...

As I saw, your module Goe::Object has the exact same function that Oak::Object, it just work as a superclass 
for other methods... so the first integration would be Goe::Parser be a subclass of Oak::Object.

The module (which has the function start) wouldn't exist, the application goe would call a new 
Oak::Gtk::Application (still not implemented, but planned) passing the parameters to use Goe::Browser::Events 
to catch the signals. Goe::Browser::UI wouldn't exist either, this would be a GladeXML file passed as a 
parameter to Oak::Gtk::Application.
The call to Goe::Parser would be in the "onshow" signal of the Browser window, and in this event, the 
package_tree widget would be populated...

The idea of perl Oak is exactly to make easy to create projects like yours, using perl-oak you would need to 
implement just Goe::Browser, Goe::Workspace (only the functions to the events and the XML file), Goe::Parser 
(the same way you did, but using Oak::Object as superclass) and the executable starting it all...

If i'm wrong in something, please tell me, but i think i gotit...

P.S.: I know it's a little off-topic to this list, but I'm replying to the list just to make clear that 
Perl::Oak will be applicable to any project...

P.S.2: Sorry about any writing mistake, english is not my natural language...

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