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I  had take a look in your code, since i can't run it, because i don't have perl5.6 here...

I don't know if you readed the little homepage that my project have on sourceforge (it's new), if not, please 
do it...

As I saw, your module Goe::Object has the exact same function that Oak::Object, it just work as a superclass 
for other methods... so the first integration would be Goe::Parser be a subclass of Oak::Object.

The module (which has the function start) wouldn't exist, the application goe would call a new 
Oak::Gtk::Application (still not implemented, but planned) passing the parameters to use Goe::Browser::Events 
to catch the signals. Goe::Browser::UI wouldn't exist either, this would be a GladeXML file passed as a 
parameter to Oak::Gtk::Application.
The call to Goe::Parser would be in the "onshow" signal of the Browser window, and in this event, the 
package_tree widget would be populated...

The idea of perl Oak is exactly to make easy to create projects like yours, using perl-oak you would need to 
implement just Goe::Browser, Goe::Workspace (only the functions to the events and the XML file), Goe::Parser 
(the same way you did, but using Oak::Object as superclass) and the executable starting it all...

If i'm wrong in something, please tell me, but i think i gotit...

P.S.: I know it's a little off-topic to this list, but I'm replying to the list just to make clear that 
Perl::Oak will be applicable to any project...

P.S.2: Sorry about any writing mistake, english is not my natural language...

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Para:Daniel Ruoso <daniel ruoso com>
Assunto:Re: Interface with Component Tree

I have a project which includes a Perl Oak
project as a subset which you
may want to look at to get ideas or to tell me
that I should work on your
project instead or to take mine as a code base
or whatever thrills ya.


This is a project that I work on quite randomly,
and haven't touched since
July or so. Look at for my
working directory, which contains various
snapshots of my code base and
the current code. I don't remember where I left
off, but it should at
least run :)


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