Gtk::GLArea help, examples?


I'm having a boatload of trouble getting Gtk::GLArea to work with perl.
Does anybody have example code?

This is a i686-linux-2.4 system with:
Mesa 3.5 (compiled)
perl 5.6.1 (compiled)

I've compiled the Gtk::GLArea C examples, so I know that the libraries are
installed and working.

The symptom is that when I do
  my $glarea = new Gtk::GLArea()
I get
  failed to return mandatory object of type Gtk::GLArea at ...

I've tried passing various attributes as constants from use
Gtk::GLArea::Constants as both arrays (à la the C examples) and hash-value
pairs (punting).

Pointers and code snippets would be appreciated.


Reece Hart, Ph.D.                       Genentech, Inc.
email: rkh gene com, GPG: 0x25EC91A0    Bioinformatics Department
650/225-6133 (voice), -5389 (fax)       1 DNA Way, MS-93       San Francisco, CA  94108

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