Re: Gtk::CList::selection with a Gtk::CTree

On 11/05/01 Raul Dias wrote:
I am using a CTree as  a normal CTree or as a CList.
As CTree inherits from CList that's valid (evil, but valid ;).

Some problems I face when dealing with this kind of situation is that
some Gtk::CList methods has a Gtk::CTree equivalent, but for a slightly
different use.

This can be easely solved by forcing the Gtk::Clist method as in:

This has work too well so far, but I got to a situation where it does not work.

If I am using a true Gtk::CList, the selectable method returns me a array with
the selected rows, starting with 0. e.g 0 2 4 5 10 14
If I use it with Gtk::CTree I get something like: 142817224,  142817236, 142817248,
142817260 when I have the rows 0, 1, 2, 3 selected

$ctree->selection() returns nodes (of type Gtk::CTreeNode) for the
Once you have a node, you can use $ctree->get_node_position ($node)
to get the row number for use in the CList operations (but if there is
an equivalent CTree function, use that, instead).


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