Re: Re2: About i18n in glade2perl

On Sun, 4 Nov 2001, Dermot Musgrove wrote:

Hi Vladimir,

Thank you very much for doing this valuable work. I will test and make 
any changes to Glade-Perl that you recommend so that Glade-Perl can trap 
possible errors or avoid certain calls in case there are any buggy Perl

I very much want Glade-Perl to be a good I18N tool and to produce reliable
I18N code so your work will help to make it much more usable. I am aware
that Glade-Perl is limited by my personal ignorance of i18n and I am
very grateful for your help and advice.

So I want Glade Perl i18n support too.

I will also try to upgrade my Perl (I use 5.6.0) so that I can test this
better - although I still can't read cyrillic to see the errors :)

Past a week work, I find some ugly issue, here the patch 

--- Glade/ Fri Jun 22 19:36:22 2001
+++    Mon Nov  5 11:32:12 2001
@@ -949,7 +949,13 @@
         # FIXME Now generate different source code for each user choice
         push @code, $class->perl_AUTOLOAD_top($proto, $form, $permitted_stubs)."\n";
-        $UI_String = join("\n", @{$forms->{$form}{'UI_Strings'}});
+        #$UI_String = join("\n", @{$forms->{$form}{'UI_Strings'}});
+       foreach my $str (@{$forms->{$form}{'UI_Strings'}}) {
+         for(my $i=0;$i<length($str); $i++) {
+           $UI_String .= substr($str, $i, 1);
+         }
+         $UI_String .= "\n";
+       }
         push @code, $UI_String;
         push @code, $class->perl_constructor_bottom($proto, $form);
         push @code, "\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n";

As you can see, I just replace join function, with char by char concatinate
cycles. It's slower than join, but it working! :) 
Any suggestion about, so strange Perl behaviour? 

PS. Dermot, Thank for your insterest of i18n problem, I help you
as I can.  Sorry, my english very hard to understand, small write practice.

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