Re2: About i18n in glade2perl

Hi Dermot.

Sorry for bother you. 
I was debug glade2perl a few days, and found that the problem is not 
glade2perl problem, or even GtkPerl problem, that is the Perl problem. 
You know :) glade2perl collect code strings in array called, for example
$forms->{'window1'}{'UI_string'}. I watched this array while it formed and 
noticed, what cyrillic symbols right until joined with accelerator string
of code. 
$forms->{'window1'}{'accelgroup'}->add(115, ['mod1_mask'], 
 ['visible', 'locked'], $forms->{'window1'}{'item2'}, 'activate');
After concatination symbol corrupted.

That means is not a glade2perl problem. I have perl 5.6.1, and
GtkPerl-0.7008 and Glade-Perl-0.59. Yesterday, I try to use older 
version of Glade-Perl, that work fine with perl-5.0005, with 
perl-5.6.1 it fail too. 

May be accelerator line have a special characters, like \L. 
I try to find were problem lie.

Regards, Vladimir.

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