Re: assertion `GNOME_IS_CANVAS (canvas)' failed

Paolo Molaro wrote:

On 06/01/01 Liviu BURCUSEL wrote:
My app has several windows. One of the has a canvas in it in wich I
display some jpegs. When I hit the 'Close App' button I receive this
message: >>"GnomeUI-CRITICAL **: file gnome-canvas.c: line 3840
(gnome_canvas_request_redraw): assertion `GNOME_IS_CANVAS (canvas)'

What am I doing wrong ?

Probably nothing. It looks like the canvas has a bug: the idle callback
that does all the drawing is invoked when the canvas is already
destroyed. You may want to ask federico (GnomeCanvas maintainer)
for confirmation.
Does this happen all the time? You way want to try some tricks such as
hiding the canvas before closing the window or something like that.

Yes, this happens all the time.I'll try that !



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