Re: Gtk-perl seg fault.

On 06/05/01 Thierry Chich wrote:
I am installing Gtk-Perl under Tru64unix V5.1. I have tried with
the natice C compiler and with gcc-2.95.3.

Some paramters:
glib-1.2.10, gtk+-1.2.10 gdk-pixbuf-0.8.0, perl 5.6.1

The module is easy to compile , but make test don't give any
result. If I omit the PERL_DL_NONLAZY=1, the program is going on
a segmentation fault. 

The interesting point is that Perl-Gtk-0.7007 and Perl-Gtk-0.7006
are giving this result, but Perl-Gtk-0.6123 is only giving a
segmentation fault.

If there is people having an idea about how to deal with this
kind of problem, I would happy to receive theirs comments.

It would be helpful to get a backtrace of where it is segfaulting.
you may compile with:
        make OPTIMIZE=-g
and then run the test under a debugger with:
        gdb debugperl
and issuing at the gdb prompt:
        run -Mblib
If you get this far and the program segfaults, issue the bt
(backtrace) command.

Please, also include the output of perl -V.


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