Fw: gtk woes!

  No idea Cliffom. I'm forwarding this to Paolo.


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 From: "Michael Clifford" <cliffom cliffom net>
 To: "Muhri" <muhri muhri net>
 Sent: 07 Jun 2001 08:40:49 PDT
 Subject: gtk woes!


Sorry to bother you, but I had a mishap upgrading my gtk/glib yesterday. I
decided to change prefix paths which should of been no problem, but now I
cannot run gtk-perl apps. I even rebuilt gtk-perl. When I try to run
launcher.pl I get:

[cliffom jenon Gtk-Perl-0.7006]$ ~/personal/bin/launcher.pl  
Cannot set argument of type (null) (fundamental type (null)) at
/home/cliffom/personal/bin/launcher.pl line 16.
[cliffom jenon Gtk-Perl-0.7006]$ 

I can start pronto, but clicking a message, or checking my messages, or
anything else causes:

[cliffom jenon cliffom]$ pronto
[cliffom jenon cliffom]$ Cannot set argument of type (null) (fundamental type
(null)) at /usr/local/bin/pronto-main line 891.

I have no idea why. If you know anything, could you please help. If you do not
could you please fwd this to the gtk-perl list and have them cc
cliffom cliffom net? Thanks.

Michael Clifford

http://www.muhri.net -- muhri muhri net

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