Odd Gtk::Tree behaviour


This is probably a stupid gotcha or something but I can't get over it. I have a Gtk::Tree to which I append() Gtk::TreeItem's and sometimes add subtrees to. The problem is that the tree is displayed in an odd fashion. The subtrees are all expanded (against the default) but there is still a [+] in front of the item. I've set lines off so the tree looks like this:

[+] Subtree
    Another one
[+] Another subtree
        With items

Clicking the [+] seems to expand the tree 'properly' (it flashes very quickly and [+] changes to [-]). After this collapsing and expanding works just as it was intented.

The append():ing is done in a recursive loop.

Glade-Perl is version 0.59
Gtk-Perl is version 0.7007
perl is version 5.6.1 w/ 5005threads and threads
gtk+ and glib are version 1.2.9

Mikko Lipasti
mikko lipasti mo mailnet fi
040 5590 988

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