Re: [Gnome-desarrollo] Re: Perl + OAF

On 01/11/01 Rodrigo Moya wrote:
      $obj = Bonobo->get_object("file:image.png", "IDL:Bonobo/Control:1.0");
it's a lot nicer and more powerful as well.

yes, I agree with you, but I think it would be great to also have OAF-only bindings,

since there may be cases when you only want to use OAF, and not Bonobo
to activate objects.

I'm going to split the Bonobo binding so that the bits requiring
an X display and libgnomeui will be in Bonobo::UI, so for simple
usage there won't be a big overhead anyway.

Anyway, I suppose doing something like:

$obj = Bonobo->get_object("OAFIID:GNOME_App_MyComponent",

would work?

Yep, that works.


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