Re: Querying about the type of a given widget

On 01/03/01 Cogan, Gil wrote:
I'd like to query whether a certain Gtk object is of a given type/class 

my $widget = pop  @widgets;
if $widget is an entry widget do this else do that.

I looked in "Types - Handle run-time type creation", which is in the GTK+
reference manual, but in vain.

Can't remember if someone already replyed, but here it is anyway:
all the objects derived from GtkObject are represented in perl
with a hash ref that is blessed in a package with a name (usually)
direct derivation of the gtk system's class name.
GdkWindow become Gtk::Gdk::Window (this is not a Gtk::Object though),
GtkEntry becomes Gtk::Entry, GtkWindow becomes Gtk::Window, for example.
The @ISA array for Gtk::Entry contains Gtk::Widget, so proper
information on inheritance is maintained.

$widget = new Gtk::Entry;
we have:
$widget->isa('Gtk::Entry')  => TRUE
$widget->isa('Gtk::Widget') => TRUE
$widget->isa('Gtk::Window') => FALSE

Hope this helps.


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