Re: Text insertion problem

On 02/21/01 Gregory S Hayes wrote:
When inserting text into a textbox I get the following error:

Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtktext.c: line 879 (gtk_text_set_point):
assertion `index <= TEXT_LENGTH (text)' failed.

I figured it out, see below:

sub on_fileselection_ok_button_clicked {
        my $filename = $fileselection->get_filename;
        my $index = 0;
        open (FILE, $filename);
        while (<FILE>) {
                $textbox->insert_text($_, $index);
                $index = $textbox->get_point();

When I coded Gtk::Editable::text_insert() I assumed it accepted
-1 as the index to mean end of buffer like all the other gtk_editable_*()
functions. This would be a useful DWIM fuctionality. It turn out it is a 
bit inconsistent and Owen doesn't want to change it in gtk+ 1.2.x for 
compatibility reasons (it will be fixed in Gtk 2.0, though).
I just fixed cvs to do the right thing anyway fro Gtk::Entry and Gtk::Text 
Also note that insert_text() returns the new position, so you can just use:

        $index = $textbox->insert_text($_, $index);

instead of calling get_point() later.


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