Re: Misc questions

On 01/26/01 Etienne Grossmann wrote:
1) I tried to install GtkImageViewer (1.1) with CVS Gtk-Perl
   installed, but I cannot run the test :

etienne anonimo: perl 
Using ../blib
Can't find 'boot_Gtk__ImageViewer' symbol in ../blib/arch/auto/Gtk/ImageViewer/ at 
line 8
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at line 8.

  Any idea why?

Uhm. I'd like to see the actual code: any url?

2) The and files : If someone wants to build
   support for a custom widget, (s)he has to do something like.

     require '../gnome-perl/';
     import ExtUtils::Depends;
       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ see comments below
     require '../gnome-perl/tools/';

   In view of the tutorial (I'm tutoring myself for the moment),
   should I say that the Gtk-Perl tree source (>=0.7005) is needed, or
   will and be installed together with Gtk, at
   some point? is not installed, you should just copy it in your package. is installed in:


along with some other tools.

In the example above you import ExtUtils::Depends.
That is the old way of creating a sub module. Version 0.7005
introduces a simpler and more sane way to do it and any tutorial
should be written to use the new method. Check the sub modules in cvs
to see how it works.

0.7005 should be released shortly after I'm reasonably happy with it
(that should be RSN:-)).


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