Re: Gtk cookbook

On 01/24/01 Etienne Grossmann wrote:
  A few typos, in the patch below. Also, I put in some C<>'s around
code in paragraphs (maybe not a good idea, after seeing the effect on
pod2latex) and replaced >'s by C<gt>. At the end, put a long line of
code in two lines.

Thanks, the updated cookbook is on the cvs server in Gtk/cookbook.

  Question : in the "Idle events" section, the handler will be called
once only, because it returns FALSE. Right?

Yep, there is a comment to that effect:

        sub handler {
                my ($data) = @_;
                # do something here ...
                # return 1 if you want the handler to be called again
                # return 0 to stop the handler from being called again
                return 0;

If it's not clear enough, feel free to make suggestions.


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