Bug in Gtk::HTML::Simple ? Navigating witnin an HTML page ?


I would like to display in HTML format data which are generated 
on the fly. 

I've decided to use, for a first try, a Gtk::HTML::Simple object. 
The problem I have is that I can't navigate in the displayed page 
by clicking on the link. I get the error: 

  500 Can't locate object method "epath" via package "URI::file"

Indeed, in the URI::file package, the method "path" is present, not  
"epath". I think this is a bug, isn't it ? 

I also have another question: how do I proceed in order to navigate, 
using links, within a displayed page ? Since I'm working on pages 
generated on the fly, I would like to avoid writing the page contents 
into a file, (or even several files in order to navigate successfully 
within the page's paragraphs) . 

I thank you in advance for your answers.

Best regards, 

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