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To all about [ Re: Event-driven programming ]:
| /---  On Thu,  Apr  26, 2001  at  01:49:38PM  +0200, David  Weisgerber
| wrote:
| | I would  say that  Unix Domain  Sockets are  the right  solution for
| | your problem
| | but I think that also UDP communication would be an easy way...
| | With  UDP you  don't  have streams  and  you don't  have  to fork  a
| | server for each
| | client...
| \---
| I also don't need to fork if I use TCP. Why UDP is better?
| dLux
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So, I answer on it:

   Hello, DLux!

If you need to make an server to control thread better, I think
you have to fork. But if you want to make just TCP or UDP server -- of course, no.
But UDP is really worse: it's faster, but no error correction, etc. Just because 
it is *simple-and-easy way* to write an client / server connection.

P.S. ...and easy way to make an exploitable suckware, IMHO.

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