Re: get_tab_label

that works good, except that it only gets the labelname of the last tab
that is
how can i get it to read the ones in the beginning or the middle?

Gavin Jefferies wrote:

As get_tab_label() returns a Gtk::Label you just need to add a get()
to that to get the text in the label. i.e.

  my $a = $notebook->get_tab_label($vscrolled)->get;

AvA <a v a home nl> writes:

hi all,

i am struggling with the notebook widget for a simple text editor.
i want to get the name of the current open notebook page.

i have the following structure in the notebookpage:

when i do this:

my $file_dialog = new Gtk::FileSelection("Save as...");
my $a = $notebook->get_tab_label($vscrolled);

then i get the following from $a:


how do i work around it so it just gives me the this


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