CList And ScrolledWindow

Dear Perl-GTK-Gurus,

I have created an application that shows a list of information
(whatever...) within a CList. As described in The Tutorial I have put
that into a ScrolledWindow:

$msg_win = new Gtk::ScrolledWindow( undef, undef );
$msg = new_with_titles Gtk::CList( @msg_titles );
$msg->signal_connect( "select_row", \&msg_details );
$msg->set_selection_mode( 'single' );
$msg_win->add_with_viewport( $msg );

Now what astonishes me is that in this quite straight-forward solution
the titles are scrolled away, too. From the perl code this seems
logical to me, but from a practical view the titles should stay at the

I have checked with other application (like gnomecard) that this is
not necessarily the case and I'd like to know how to achieve this.

Thanks And Regards
Stefan Kamphausen              <kamphausen novelscience com>
Novel Science International GmbH

Postfach    2944                 Tel:   +49 551 / 50 41 6- 0
37019 Goettingen                 Fax:   +49 551 / 50 41 6-99

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