Re: Lightweight browser

On 04/08/01 dLux wrote:
  I want to make  a lightweight browser for iPAQ (in  perl). I saw the
gnome-perl  distribution  contains  two   library  wrappers  for  HTML
processing: GtkHTML and GtkXmHTML.

GtkXmHTML is unmaintained for a lot of time now. gtkhtml is a lot better
is all possible meanings for better.

  Which  one I  need to  use  if I  want a  very small  HTML-rendering
engine? What other libraries are required for them?
  Do  I  really  need  bonobo, gdk-pixbuf,  gnome-print  and  gal  for
GtkHTML? I have  not found what I need  for GtkXmHTML but I  saw it is
part of the gnome-libs...

If this is for the PDA, the only requirement you can ditch is bonobo
and prbably also gnome-print, but don't quote me on that. gal is needed
for the unicode support I guess.

  Can   you   offer  me   example   codes   (besides  the   gnome-perl

use Gtk::HTML::Simple;

implements most of the needed bits for a working browser.

  Where can  I see a  feature comparison? I want  to know if  they can
(in perl):
    - do continuous downloading of a page
    - handle tables
    - view images
    - handle frames
    - handle javascript

No javascript support implemented (though that may become available with


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