How to install a signal handler to an pixmap?

I've got another problem where can't help myself....
How do I connect a signal handler to an pixmap in a table ???

I've written the following:
$keinbutton[$kein]->set_events( [ $keinbutton[$kein]->get_events(), 
'button-press-mask'] );
$keinbutton[$kein]->signal_connect("button_press_event", sub { print "Drückte 
$y\n" }, $y);

Where $keinbutton[$kein] is a pixmap and $y is an integer  which I later want 
to give to the routine which is called by this event when it works.
My code won't compile because I think $keinbutton[$kein]->get_events() isn't 
valid so it gives an undefined value back. I would need it for a game.... So 
how can I connect the signal handler correct so that I don't have to give up 
my table or something....


PS: I am sorry for being such a newbie to Gtk-perl, I only made non-graphic 
progs before.

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