Re: more problems make-ing gtk-perl

On Tue, 05 Sep 2000, you wrote:

What version of gnome-libs does Mandrake 7.0 use?  I compiled using
gnome-libs-1.0.55 and helix is using gnlibs-1.2.4-0_helix_2.i386.rpm

I heard a rumor on the gnome list (from a reliable source) that 1.2.4
broke binary compatability, which is why has both
gnome-libs-1.2.3 and gnome-libs-1.2.4 on their server, with a
LATEST_IS_1.2.3 link in the directory, so this may just be the
problem.  (Thanks for the advanced warning BTW, gtk-perl is a very
neat tool to prototype with :-)

aha. Now that might be it. My Helix installed 1.2.4. Damn and blast.

The good thing is, I have managed to install Glade2Perl, which is what I was
aiming at... just no Gnome support but what the heck.

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