Re: Re: Is there an Editor widget available?

On 10/27/00 jens irs-net com wrote:
You can use the Gtk::Text widget (or if the application is for
unix die hards you could run vi in a Gnome::ZvtTerm widget:-).

Is there a documantation/manual how to use those
specific Gnome:: Widgets ?

Look in for the
reference documentation (basically what functions are available
in the Perl binding and how to call them).
Also, take a look at the examples in the Gtk-Perl source.
On you will find the
documentation for the C libraries: it has quite a bit more
descriptions. There are also some tutorials that are useful
for a perl programmer: mapping from C to perl is quite easy
(the Gtk-Perl tutorial has a section on it, I think).

For example, running vi in a Gnome::ZvtTerm widget is as easy as:

$term = new Gnome::ZvtTerm;
# pack the $term widget somewhere ...

if ($term->forkpty(0) == 0) {
        exec "vi";
        kill "KILL", $$;


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