Re: Problems building and running Gtk-Perl

On 10/09/00 Nick Metrowsky wrote:
After trying various things, gcc verses DEC C, different libraries,
etc., I am having problems building Gtk-Perl on Digital UNIX V4.0f. I
have gtk+ and glib V1.8 installed. BTW, I get the same problem when I
use gtk+ and glib V1.2.3. I really need this to work, so I can build
gimp, without this working gimp will be useless.

Anyway, the are several things I encountered:

1. Gtk/GdkTypes.c would not compile, unless I removed "default:" from
the long case statement about line 500 or so. Weird is the order of the

Ok, should be fixed in 0.7004.

2. Gtk/xs/GtkWidget.c just would not compile, because of the "#DEFINE
MY_GTK_WIDGET_SET_FLAGS" definition. In gcc and DEC C this definition is
invalid. I took out the G_STMT_START, G_STMT_END, just to get the
program to compile. I know this will break something in this code, but
if anyone has a fix for this I'd appreciate it.

Fixed this as well (I made it and if/else statement leaving G_STMT_START, 

3. I end up getting multiply defined entries for g_bit_nth_msf,
g_bit_ntl_lsf, and g_bit_storage, when the Gtk-Perl compile code is
archived and linked.

Uhm. it looks like you may have used a different compiler when
you configure/compiled glib/gtk a when you compiled Gtk-Perl.
You should use the same as it looks like the support for inline
functions is screwed up.

4. When I try to do a make test (gnumake test), or after I install
Gtk-Perl, get the error message attached.

Attached is a copy of the generated Makefile and a log of the compile.
PERL_DL_NONLAZY=1 /usr/local/bin/perl -Iblib/arch -Iblib/lib 
-I/central/perl_5.005_02/lib/5.00502/alpha-dec_osf -I/central/perl_5.005_02/lib/5.00502
Can't make loaded symbols global on this platform while loading blib/arch/auto/Gtk/ at 
/central/perl_5.005_02/lib/5.00502/alpha-dec_osf/ line 168.

This means tha you wont be able to use the multiple-module setup.
Could you send me the contents of your file privately?

Can't load 'blib/arch/auto/Gtk/' for module Gtk: dlopen: cannot load blib/arch/auto/Gtk/ at 
/central/perl_5.005_02/lib/5.00502/alpha-dec_osf/ line 168.

This is because of the linker errors, see above.


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