Re: Gtk-Perl on Tru64 UNIX

On 08/31/00 Aron Griffis wrote:
(1) The attached patch fixes some code in GtkWidget.xs which will only
    compile using gcc.  The problem is that

      newvalue ? do { something; } while(0) : do { other; } while(0);

    is not valid C, but gcc glazes over this and compiles anyway.  The
    attached patch lets Gtk-Perl-0.7003 compile using Compaq C (and
    hopefully other pedantic compilers).

Version 0.7004 should fix this.

(2) GdkImlib/GdkImlibTypes.h is not found while compiling
    GdkImlib/xs/GdkImlib.xs.  This is because GdkImlibTypes.h is not
    in the same directory as the source file.  (Does gcc check the
    current working directory of the compiler?)

    My solution was to create a symlink

      GdkImlib/xs/GdkImlibTypes.h -> ../GdkImlibTypes.h

    although you probably have a better way of solving the problem.

Well, I added a '-I.' switch to the compiler command line.
That should work for you.


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