Re: libgnome-perl example code broken?

On Mon, 27 Nov 2000, Christian Borup wrote:
Luis Villa wrote:

On Mon, 27 Nov 2000, Jake Hawkes wrote:
Luis Villa wrote:

marvin:~$ ./
Can't locate object method "init" via package "Gnome::Panel::AppletWidget"
at ./ line 8.

I know you dont want to hear this, but "It works for me".

Heh. Well, a response is better than what I got out of my last email to
this list so I'm happy :)

Well then this will have you positively jumping for joy... :-)


Things to check, version of perl-gnome package. For me, it is in
the same result, as does trying "require Gnome;" instead.

You seem to be very confused about what use and require does, but thats not whats
causing you problems...

Like I said in an earlier message, I'm basically a perl newbie, so little
details like this escape me. It was just something I tried (having seen it
in a header in a couple of places.)
Additional data points: the script in the source directory seems
to show that everything is installed correctly- all the other Gnome
samples run fine. So, it shouldn't be an installation problem. The OS is
Debian, last night's woody, so Paolo is to blame somehow :)

Anyway, thanks for the help, Jake- anyone else have any ideas as to what
might be wrong or how I can do more diagnostics? Thanks in advance-

For some reason the panel/applet code doesn't get installed by default. You should
run the following in the Gnome dir:

     perl Makefile.PL --with-panel
     make install

The you should be able to run the applet sample without a hitch, at least I can.
Oh and shame on you for not reading the INSTALL.

Thanks. I'll RTFM next time. I'm sort of out of the habit, as a Debian
user. If it doesn't apt-get install correctly, I tend to assume it is
broken :) I only got the source as an afterthought, and of course
diligently read everything /except/ INSTALL. So, I guess I have to apt-get
remove and install again from source. Not ideal. Oh well- thanks anyways
for the solution-

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