Re: Creating bindings for GtkImageViewer

On 12/19/00 dov imagic weizmann ac il wrote:
and I no longer get the error "unable to convert GtkObject..." but get
a new error:

        image = Gtk::ImageViewer=HASH(0x1f3918)
        variable is not of type Gtk::Widget at ./ line 33.

The gendefs tool also creates a build/ file
that you should require within
Basically, it will contain something like:

@Gtk::ImageViewer::ISA = qw(Gtk::Widget);

or whatever type Gtk::ImageViewer is directly derived from.
Also, you don't need the
        sub dl_load_flags {0x01}
in unless you are going to build other
XS modules that will require C functions from this one.


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