Re: xtext: How to "multi language"

On Mon, 18 Dec 2000 22:26:13 +0100, Paolo Molaro wrote:

| On 12/12/00 Koos Pol wrote:
|  > For adding multi language support to a perl-gtk app, someone suggested to 
|  > use 'xtext'. I have looked at a lot of places but could not find any helpful
|  > references. 
|  > 
|  > Does anyone know if 'xtext' indeed exists? If so, can you point me to a
|  > source or preferably some documentation?
|  Never heard of xtext, but you may want to check how Marc Lehmann
|  did it in the Gimp-Perl extension.
|  I'm currently packaging up a better solution in a
|  module: I'll announce here too when it's ready.


Didn't I report back to this list? I don't remember... Anyways, it turned out
to be a miscommi... miscommuca... miscommunication. The guys telling me to
use xtext, used this as a short for gettext. And that made a whole lot a
whole lot more clear. I was told that there even are Perl bindings for it.
Same as you just mentioned. All in all, I reckon this problem is not a
problem anymore :-) I haven't really looked in the gettext matters yet, but
at least I now know where to start.

Thanks for your effort!

Koos Pol
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