Creating bindings for GtkImageViewer


I have tried to create Perl/Gtk bindings for the Widget GtkImageViewer
that I have created. Here is a synopsis of what I did:

* Added the following line to pkg.defs :

  (define-object GtkImageViewer (GtkWidget) (cast GTK_IMAGE_VIEWER))

* Created Makefile.PL based on other Makefile.PL's .

* Created a file xs/GtkImageViewer.xs based on other files that among
  other things contains the following declaration:

    gtk_image_viewer_new (Class, image)
            SV      *Class
            Gtk::Gdk::Pixbuf image
            RETVAL = GTK_IMAGE_VIEWER(gtk_image_viewer_new (image));

* Created a file that contains the following line:

   $image = Gtk::ImageViewer->new($pixbuf);

Everything compiles just fine, but when I try to run the test program
it dies with the error:

   unable to convert GtkObject 0x1f7328 of type 44565 (GtkImageViewer) 
   into a Perl/Gtk type at ./ line 30.

What went wrong?

I'm attaching the archive that contains all the changes that I did
for GtkImageViewer . Note that I had to change Makefile.PL for GdkPixBuf
in order to get it to compile.

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