Re: Problems building GtkHTML and GtkXmHTML

Koos Pol was overheard mumbling something about this on 04 Dec 2000 08:56:52

Hello all,

I have successfully built and installed the latest glib-1.2.8  and
I have successfully built and installed the latest Gtk-Perl-0.7004.
Building the additional GtkHTML and GtkXmHTML packages gives me problems.

I get a 'no such file or directory' on gtkhtml.h and gtk-xmhtml. I checked my
entire filesystem, but I indeed haven't got these files. I have no Gnome
stuff installed.
Can anyone clearify where these files come from?

Koos Pol

Another option (if you don't wish to install GNOME to get an HTML widget to use
with Perl) is to install CscHTML from

It has no GNOME dependencies, and comes with gtk-perl-0.7004 compatible
bindings (simply copy the perl/CscHTML directory into your main gtk-perl
directory and compile it like any other gtk-perl extension...)

-Count Zero

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