Re: running applets as root crashes gnome panel

Paul Keenan wrote:


It could be accessing older preference files depending on
exactly how you are logging on as root.

Hmm - I'm actually logging into gnome as `jake', but then executing the
applet from a terminal as root (using `su')

My Gnome was crashing until I deleted /home/paul/.gnome and
restarted.  Perhaps your root has a similar problem; you
could temporarily rename /root/.gnome to see if it helps.

Are there any funky messages in .gnome-errors or
/var/log/messages ?

no on both counts.

I have the same problem when I try to start the applet by selecting it
from the applet... menu in the panel. I copied and modified another
clock.desktop file to start my applet, but when I do, gnome panel

It may be a bug in gnome panel, but I rather think it's my perl program.
I have submitted the bug to gnome (using bug-buddy).
Jake Hawkes B.Eng, (CSE)

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