Re: [gtk-osx-users] Is it possible to build gtk in such a way that it uses an existing Anaconda python?

On Feb 5, 2018, at 2:36 PM, Murray Wolinsky <mmwolinsky gmail com> wrote:

I have a lot of modules installed in my Anaconda python distribution, including many that Anaconda could 
not install by itself. I'd like to use gtk with my existing distribution.

It looks to me (perhaps I am wrong) that the gtk install script wil install yet another python -- and I'd 
prefer not to multiply pythons without necessity.

Is that possible?

If I understand correctly what you're asking, sure. Just don't include python in your modules list and make 
sure that python 
and python-config for the python that you want to use are on the path. You need the python headers to build 

Note that Gtk itself doesn't use python at all. gobject-introspection does, but IIRC it needs only a working 
python setup. Pygobject is the package that connects the object-introspected typelibs to python and it uses 
the CPython C API to do it. If Anaconda uses a different python you may have some work to do to adapt 
pygobject to it.

John Ralls

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