[gtk-osx-users] jhbuildrc-custom problem

So, i added a new line [recommended in the wiki] to my configuration:

build_policy = "updated-deps”

however, now it doesn’t fly:

[gtk@Daves-i7:~]$ jhbuild build freeciv
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "/Users/gtk/Source/jhbuild/jhbuild/config.py", line 197, in load
   execfile(filename, config)
 File "/Users/gtk/.jhbuildrc", line 403, in <module>
 File "/Users/gtk/.jhbuildrc-custom", line 3
   build_policy = "updated-deps"
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
jhbuild: could not load config file

        I don’t notice a spelling error.  Is there something wrong with my shell, which is otherwise a 
standard /bin/bash ?

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