Re: [gtk-osx-users] GTK+ 3 without X11 on OS X

On Mar 3, 2016, at 5:57 PM, Joe Gorse <jhgorse gmail com> wrote:


I just came across the gtk-osx project and I'm considering using it to satisfy the GTK+ 3 dependency requirement for a GStreamer project.

I am trying to use the native Quartz GTK+ backend, moving away from X11. When I rebuilt my cairo, pango, gtk+ without x11 (XQuartz removed), my gtk application started emitting these:

Gtk-WARNING **: drawing failure for widget 'GtkBox': out of memory

And stopped drawing the widgets.

Is it possible that gtk-osx build approach can resolve this kind of issue?

The GTK+ demo applications run without flaw, yet this app and GDK_DEBUG=interactive run into this odd behavior.

How would you debug such a situation on OS X?

GStreamer has its own config settings; they're baked into gtk-osx so if you build gstreamer that way it will make sure that that part is X-free. The rest of the app is another matter, though. Some apps will make X11 calls underneath gtk, so you may have to dig into the code. I think that GDK_DEBUG=interactive may also depend on X11 calls or other stuff not implemented in the quartz backend.  The last several versions of Gtk have included gtkparasite, so you might investigate using that with your app.

John Ralls

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