[gtk-osx-users] GTK+ 3 without X11 on OS X


I just came across the gtk-osx project and I'm considering using it to satisfy the GTK+ 3 dependency requirement for a GStreamer project.

I am trying to use the native Quartz GTK+ backend, moving away from X11. When I rebuilt my cairo, pango, gtk+ without x11 (XQuartz removed), my gtk application started emitting these:

Gtk-WARNING **: drawing failure for widget 'GtkBox': out of memory

And stopped drawing the widgets.

Is it possible that gtk-osx build approach can resolve this kind of issue?

The GTK+ demo applications run without flaw, yet this app and GDK_DEBUG=interactive run into this odd behavior.

How would you debug such a situation on OS X?

Joe Gorse

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