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Thanks to everyone who was involved in finding a solution!  It looks to me there was a little oversight and 
the patch accidentally wasn’t included on the gtk-2-24 branch (master and gtk-3-18 are fine). At least from 
what I’m seeing here:

Josh Pettus

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  1. Re:  crash on maximize/unmaximize (John Ralls)


Message: 1
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2016 16:36:31 -0800
From: John Ralls <jralls ceridwen us>
To: Allin Cottrell <cottrell wfu edu>
Cc: "gtk-osx-users-list gnome org" <gtk-osx-users-list gnome org>
Subject: Re: [gtk-osx-users] crash on maximize/unmaximize
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On Feb 20, 2016, at 10:58 AM, Allin Cottrell <cottrell wfu edu> wrote:

On Thu, 18 Feb 2016, John Ralls wrote:

On Feb 18, 2016, at 8:24 AM, Allin Cottrell <cottrell wfu edu> wrote:
My first resort here will be to try to implement in GdkQuartzWindow.c the fix that the Atom guys came up 
with. That is, add a callback for the windowWillClose signal that detaches the delegate.

I'm totally unfamiliar with Objective C and Apple APIs, but from looking at the Atom and GdkQuartz code 
it seems that the callback should look like this:

- (void)windowWillClose:(NSNotification*)notification
NSWindow *nsw = get_the_window();

[nsw setDelegate:nil];

So my question is, what should the notional call "get_the_window()" actually look like? [...]

The GtkQuartzNSWindow is its own delegate, so [self setDelegate:nil] will do the job. It's probably the 
right thing to do, too: If NSWindow's destructor releases the delegate and then whatever's calling it 
releases the NSWindow that would be a double-free.

That's not going to do anything for exiting fullscreen, though. The problem shown by your crash report 
seems to be that the GdkQuartzView's GdkWindow* member has gotten a bogus value and the crash is from 
trying to dereference it.

Some progress to report. Based on John's information I added this function to GdkQuartzWindow.c:

- (void)windowWillClose:(NSNotification*)notification
// Clears the delegate when window is going to be closed; since EL
// Capitan it is possible that the methods of delegate would get
// called after the window has been closed.
[self setDelegate:nil];

This was not itself sufficient to avert a crash when closing a maximized GTK window on El Capitan, but it 
turned out it was necessary. The other component became apparent when I stuck some NSLog statements into 
GdkQuartzView.c. After a window close from fullscreen, the function updateTrackingRect was proceeding with
a NULL value of "impl", as in

GdkWindowImplQuartz *impl =
  GDK_WINDOW_IMPL_QUARTZ (private->impl);

The fix was then to replace the "don't-go-ahead" check

if (!impl->toplevel)

(which provoked the crash) with

if (!impl || !impl->toplevel)

With these two changes I'm not seeing any problems. I'm attaching a patch against GTK 2.24.29.

BTW, I think I mistitled this thread: it seems that it was close on maximized that was the real problem 
rather than maximize/unmaximize. The confusing thing is that on El Capitan, maximize produces a truly 
"fullscreen" view, with no window controls shown, and to close the window you have to mouse up to the top 
of screen to reveal the window controls (and menu bar), hence generating a resize signal.

For refence, here's the relevant portion of my debugging output,
following a click on close:

gretl[40729] calling: -[GdkQuartzWindow windowShouldClose:]
gretl[40729]  created event
gretl[40729]  returning
gretl[40729] calling: -[GdkQuartzWindow windowWillClose:]
gretl[40729]  self: <GdkQuartzWindow: 0x109f15870>
gretl[40729] calling: -[GdkQuartzView setFrame:]
gretl[40729]  self: <GdkQuartzView: 0x109f180c0>
gretl[40729] calling: -[GdkQuartzView updateTrackingRect]
gretl[40729]  private = 0x10286bd80
gretl[40729]  impl = 0x0

Allin Cottrell<el_capitan.diff>

Thanks, I've pushed your patch to gtk-2-24, gtk-3-18, and master.

John Ralls


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