[gtk-osx-users] [Gtk-osx-users] Gtk-mac-integration Version 2.0.8

I’m happy to announce that I’ve released gtk-mac-integration 2.0.8. Changes from 2.0.7 include:
* Provide a default gtk-mac-integration.pc, a copy of
      gtk-mac-integration-gtk2.pc unless gtk-mac-integration-gtk3.pc is the
      only version built. Applications are advised not to use it; it's only to
      avoid gratuitous breakage in single-gtk environments.
* Get GtkApplicationDelegate's application:openFile: handler to work at startup.
      It fires off the signal before the main loop has started, so stash the
      URI in a static for applicationDidFinishLaunching to fire the signal.
* Bug 744597 - Document that gtk_menu_reorder_child() doesn't update the menu.
* Update documents for current version of Gtk-Docs.
* Fix compile error on Leopard & Tiger.
* Minor build system improvements
* Make it possible to override libtoolize
* Get PyGObject-2.0's datadir from pkg-config
* Update .gitignore
* Fix autotools warnings and modernize some
* Use seperate configure flags for gtk2 and gtk3
      Changes --with-gtk=gtk2 (which was broken) to --with-gtk2 and --with-gtk3
      This allows you to build against both at the same time.
      None of the pkgconfig files should have been changed but there is only
      a single includedir now since they are the same.
* Use gnome-autogen.sh

The modulesets have been updated to use the new release.

John Ralls

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