[gtk-osx-users] Toggle State Not Syncing


I’m not a xboard dev, but I do help out with the OSX side of things, package it up, and test things out for 
Mr. Muller. (who doesn’t have a mac) I myself really only know a little about coding. So far, we managed to 
integrate the osx mac integration library just fine and it works like a charm, except for one minor problem, 
I was hoping someone would have some input.  In the default GTK menu, checkmarks (toggle states) for menu 
items work fine.  If it’s active, there is a checkmark.  Not active no checkmark.  But with the osx 
integration menubar, this is not synced with the actual state of things.  Click on it once, a check mark 
appears. Click on it again it disappears, regardless of if the menu item is active or not, or if xboard was 
launched with it active already.   The menu function works but it’s not displayed accurately. 

Now from what I have read in the osx integration library comments, it appears as if this is suppose to be in 
sync but for some reason it’s not working. Am I correct?  And if so why, would it not work here?   Is there 
anything we can do on our end to make it work? or is it a bug in the library? We are using v 2.0.5 of the  
gtk osx application library.

Thank-you for your time,

Joshua Pettus

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