Re: [gtk-osx-users] Removing GTK from Mac OSX Mavericks

On Jan 9, 2014, at 7:35 AM, Anthony McInvale <anthony mcinvale me com> wrote:

I executed the shell script to install GTK for Mac OSX as provided on the website.  I subsequently 
discovered that the GNU application that I am trying to compile requires X11 functionality.  I wanted to 
remove GTK for Mac OSX to prevent conflicts with MacPorts or other solutions that I may find.

Your suggestion was to delete the ~/gtk directory and sub-directories under it.  I just want to confirm 
that there are no other clean up tasks required.

Gtk-osx doesn't interfere with MacPorts or Fink, they interfere with it by exporting their environments into 
the user's default environment. Gtk-osx doesn't export its environment.

But to completely remove gtk-osx, and assuming that you used the default .jhbuildrc-custom unmodified, do the 

rm -rf ~/gtk
rm -rf ~/Source
rm -rf ~/.local
rm ~/.jhbuild*
rm ~/

ls -d ~/.* and rm -rf any config directories like .gconf and .gnome-2 that might have been created by running 
programs during your unsuccessful build process. Be careful here not to delete anything that isn't from gtk. 

John Ralls

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