[gtk-osx-users] command-h to hide app?

Using gtkosxapplication, I get a "Hide <app>" item under my app's top-of-screen Mac menu, and this works fine if moused. However, it shows an accelerator of command-h and that doesn't work.

One thing that could be stopping it from working is that gtk-quartz (2.24) uses command-h as the accelerator with GTK_STOCK_HELP, but I've switched the help accelerator to command-question mark and that didn't help with the Hide business.

Can anyone suggest a way of getting command-h to do the hiding thing? I admit I'm a bit hazy on which if any key-strokes get handled by OS X versus getting passed on to GDK. But I guess I'm asking whether (a) there's way to get the OS to handle command-h, or failing that (b) there's a way, within my GTK code, to call the hide-app function that the OS would otherwise call. (I can iconify all my app's windows easily enough, but that's not really the same as what OS X's "Hide" does.)

Thanks for any help.

Allin Cottrell
Department of Economics
Wake Forest University, NC

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