Re: [gtk-osx-users] Issues when building latest GTK+

On Oct 2, 2013, at 4:41 AM, Miroslav Rajcic <mrajcic hotmail com> wrote:

It seems that my report on GTK being OK was premature.
When trying to bundle my app which complied successfully, I get this bundle error:
Cannot find source to copy: /Users/helix/gtk/inst/lib/charset.alias

This file does not exist, could it be related to cmake issue?
Looking at my log, I found this possible issue related to cmake:
*** module meta-bootstrap not built due to non buildable cmake *** [19/19]

No, it's from glib, which obviously doesn't use cmake. cmake is required only for a single rarely-used  module, libproxy, unless you need it for your project or dependencies.

Please look in your glib build directory, in glib/libcharset, to see if it built; that's the source of charset.alias.

As for cmake, it's due to a bug introduced in 2.8.10. The solution is to revert the bootstrap moduleset to 2.8.9, which I thought I had done but apparently forgot. You can do so yourself by editing ~/Source/jhbuild/modulesets/bootstrap.modules, but if you don't need cmake you needn't bother.

John Ralls

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