Re: [gtk-osx-users] Monospace font and underscore character

On Mar 5, 2013, at 11:06 PM, Steffen Gutmann <muibase yahoo com> wrote:

Here is another minor problem I have encountered.

When setting a monospace font on a GtkTextView object, i.e.:

PangoFontDescription *pfd = pango_font_description_new();
pango_font_description_set_family(pfd, "Monospace");
gtk_widget_modify_font(editor, pfd);

I get the desired monospace font (which is good for a program editor) but any underscore character '_' 
becomes invisible, i.e. it is drawn like a space character.

That's pretty cool. Monospace only? Replicatable in gtk-demo? With unstable gtk2?
It's probably Pango, but file a bug with Gtk and it can be changed to Pango if that turns out to be the case. 
If it doesn't replicate in gtk-demo, try to make a minimal program that demonstrates the problem (look in 
tests for a starting point).

John Ralls

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