Re: [gtk-osx-users] Sorting in GtkFileChooser is broken

Hi John,

I just rebuilt unstable master (Gtk3) and the sorting problem has gone away, so 

I guess it's been fixed. Since my Gtk2 test was also with the gtk-2-24 HEAD 
a couple of days ago, I suspect that that's why it worked OK for me and not 

I looked a bit deeper into this and in gtkfilechooserdefault.c I replaced

g_value_take_string (value, g_utf8_collate_key_for_filename (g_file_info_get_display_name (info), -1));


        g_value_take_string (value, g_utf8_collate_key (g_file_info_get_display_name (info), -1));

However, this also does not give a correct sorting of filenames.

Might the problem be in glib maybe?

I am using the stable gtkosx codeset with gtk+-2.24.13  and glib-2.34.1.


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