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On Jul 5, 2013, at 9:15 AM, Tom Schoonjans <tom schoonjans me com> wrote:

Dear Mr. Ralls,

I have been using gtk-mac-integration (and gtk-mac-bundler) for a couple of years and I am very pleased 
with it.

However, I have come across some issues which could be either bugs or just me writing code poorly.
As I haven't found a section for gtk-mac-integration in the gnome bugzilla, I am forwarding you my issues 
directly instead. If there is such a section, please forward me a link to access it.

1) GtkRecentChooser: my GUI has in the menubar a submenu which contains a GtkRecentChooserMenu. I connected 
the item-activated signal to a callback which calls gtk_recent_chooser_get_curreng_uri to obtain the file 
that was clicked. However, this always returns a reference to the first item in the submenu irrespective of 
which item was actually activated. If I compile without gtk-mac-integration and use X11, this issue does 
not occur.

2) gtkosx_application_insert_app_menu_item: a menu item widgetW that is added to the app menu with this 
call disappears from the menu after I call gtk_widget_set_sensitive(widgetW, FALSE). It cannot be brought 
back to the list by calling gtk_widget_set_sensitive(widgetW, TRUE)

3) Window submenu: gtk-mac-integration introduce a Window submenu on the top menubar, as is common for all 
Mac apps. Clicking on it shows a list of all named windows of the app. However, this list is not updated 
when windows are destroyed or hidden, causing a segmentation fault when an already destroyed window is 
activated in this list.

4) a suggestion for the bundler: could you add an option that invokes update-mime-database on 
Contents/Resources/share/mime after copying all data? This could be useful for some people (like me :-p)

I am using your latest version 2.0.1 of the code.

I would be very grateful if you could have a look at these issues, and point out if I made a mistake.

Have a great weekend and best regards,

Please do not write me directly. That's in fact a general rule for open-source projects: You should use the 
project support mechanism, which in the case of gtk-osx is a mailing list, gtk-osx-users-list gnome org  I'm 
ccing the list with this reply for your convenience. Please subscribe to the list at
to continue the conversation

Bugs should be reported at 
-- that's product gtk+ and component mac-integration.

For item 1, please test with quartz but without gtkosx_application; if the problem persists, file a bug 
against gtk with component quartz, otherwise with component mac-integration.

You can file a bug against item 2 as well (mac-integration), but I'm not sure if I can fix it. The app menu 
is fiddly and much of its behavior is controlled by Cocoa and isn't documented. Enabling and disabling items 
on it might just be something to avoid.

Item 3 is a known bug that's being actively worked on:

Item 4: Seems of rather limited utility. You can easily wrap a shell script that does this around 

John Ralls

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